quick nautical equipment

Made in Italy: Stainless steel, AC/DC/Hydraulic range of windlasses, bow & stern thrusters, gyro stabilizers, battery chargers, water heaters, etc.

Quick Marine Lighting

Made in Italy: LED lighting for marine applications – stainless steel, IP66, 10-30Vdc – Downlights, retractable lamps, underwater lights, flexible strip LEDs, etc.

Quick Lighting

Made in Italy: Designer lighting that focuses on the aesthetics. AC/DC range of LED lighting for homes, offices, bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

BJB Lampholders

Made in Germany: Terminal Blocks and Lampholders for fluorescent lamps (G5, G7, G13), CFL (G24), halogen lamps (G4, G9), metal halide lamps (G12), etc.

Faeber Lighting System

Made in Italy: LED street lighting, tunnel lighting, floodlights, and other industrial lighting applications.

Electronicon Capacitors

Made in Germany: Capacitors for lighting, power factor correction, motors, high power industrial applications, etc.

MCB Optima

Our very own trademark brand. We package multiple components from different leading brands together to bring you our very own high-quality customized product.

BLV Licht

Made in Germany: Halogen, metal halide lamps for lighting aquariums, stadiums, floodlighting applications, etc.

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